We found a really great idea for golf that borders upon what GolfLic is trying to do in helping the average golfer.  We came across David Reed’s websites www.GolfHelpnow.info and www.DavidReedGolf.com.  One of the best items that he offers on his site is his Golf With a Pro.  This is the a great gift for a father, brother, mother, or the golfer in your life for just about any holiday.  The cool thing about the Golf With a Pro from David Reed is that it starts at only $75 which makes it affordable for just about anyone.  You can also choose a 4, 9, or 18 hole option so the golfer without alot of time can still shave strokes off their game.

What David Reed had in mind when he created www.GolfHelpNow.info was something to help the marginal golfer enjoy golf more.  He realized that without new players learning the game the sport was in danger.  That is why every summer David straps on his cleats and offer Junior Golf Camps and Junior Golf Leagues to the young golfers in East Tennessee.  His clients enjoy the best golf lessons in Knoxville, Morristown, and Sevierville everytime they step onto the range with him.

What David decided to do with the Golf With a Pro concept is take the golf lesson off of the range and onto the course.  This way you can learn golf where golf is actually played.  The trouble with taking a lesson on a driving range is that all the lies are flat and similar.  On the golf course, David can ingrain strategy into his students minds and truly show them how to play the sport correctly.

Whether you are just looking to learn the sport, get better, or buy a gift for the golfer in your life.  David Reed and www.GolfHelpNow.info have the product for you.  If you sign up for one of his junior golf camps before May 1st he will give you $15 off the price.  With Golf Pro David Reed on your side, you are destined to improve your golf score this summer.  From Club Fittings, to Lessons, to the latest GC2 Launch Monitor David reed and Golf Help Now have you covered.

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