It is no secret that the sport of golf has been in decline over the past decade.  Major golf retailers have laid off staff, courses are struggling to stay open, and the rate of new people learning the sport is at very low levels.  One of the main reasons is that golf is difficult to learn.  New players can easily become frustrated to the point of never wanting to play again.  Me personally, I have been playing for 20 plus years and I still suck very badly.  This is why we developed GolfLic so that everyone has the opportunity to hit more shots the way the club, ball, and game was intended to be played.

Do you realize that when I learned to play golf more than 20 years ago it cost more to play 18 holes then it does today in 2016.  There is one simple reason, demand.  My local golf courses say on the phone that they require a tee time, but the truth is, you can walk on and play any day of the week.  Golf is at a tipping point of becoming irrelevant.  As soon as the development of large acreages of golf course land becomes more profitable the sport will be at even more risk of contraction or even extinction.  Our passion at GolfLic is to make the sport more fun, easier to learn, and less frustrating.  When someone goes to the backyard to play basketball you don’t bring a whistle and call every foul, double dribble, or out of bounds penalty.   You just practice and have fun.  Through the use of GolfLic we allow casual golfers to hit more shots the way they were intended to be hit.  We allow pressure free rounds that result in better feelings about the sport and more rounds played.

GolfLic helps an individual by giving them cleaner equipment, a more solid striking area, and a level of confidence that only a lesson with a pro could provide in the past.  All of this comes in an easy to use bottle.  This is sold at a very low cost and will last an average golfer multiple seasons.  If you have been looking for a way to improve your game, or maybe get your friend, son, or father back into the game, I suggest you try a bottle of GolfLic.  Watch the smiles and laughs as you crush the ball down the fairway, hit the ball to the middle of every green, and chip the ball so close to the hole that your friends nickname you #gimmie.

Golf as a sport has been around hundreds of years and in all truth, is not going anywhere.  However, if nobody learns the sport then it is in big trouble.  As golf course parking lots continue to stay empty, driving ranges close early, and golf equipment stores shut their doors, it is hard to argue that everything is ok.  What we suggest is making the game more fun for new players and the ones who might have given up.  What we provide at GolfLic is a medium to accomplish this.

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