It has happened to everyone who has strapped on a pair of golf shoes and swung a club.  You get to the third hole.  The hole you birdied yesterday.  This hole is a piece of cake.  You hit the ball into the water, then into the trees, then shank it, then 4 putt.  Holy smokes, you don’t even know what to call that type of bogey.

Sometimes it is hard to wrap your mind around why you even bother to play golf.  You chase this little ball around a field, you are horrible at it, and it stresses you out.  This is now the only thought in your head.  15 minutes before you were on cloud 9 full of confidence and bravado, now you are in the dumps.  Not only can golf make you bi polar, but it also can happen multiple times on the third hole.

Golf is a mental challenge for me, because no matter how many times I play, I make the same mistakes.  I chip an easy shot right into the sand trap, I drink to many beers and get cross eyed, or I putt an easy shot right off the back of the green.  The real challenge is that I do not always know how to fix this.  Focusing more just makes me more intensely mad at my lack of skills.  Caring less makes me play worse.

Then, just about the time you are ready to give up and throw your clubs into the pond, you hit the ball inches from the cup, an amazing shot.  Now you are riding in the cart up to the green thinking about how you could possibly play on the professional tour next week.  After all, hitting that amazing shot was not that hard.

These ups and downs of a golf round are what makes the sport such a challenge and ultimately so fun.  To help the marginal golfer we created GolfLic which allows you to clean your clubs, hit the ball further, and correct a bad case of the shanks mid round.  You can do all this without having your golf partner grope you from behind while trying to adjust your swing.  If you are looking for a quick confidence builder to get you on track mid round I suggest a light dab of GolfLic on a towel.  Just clean the face of your club and watch your shots improve.

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