First off, let me say, we do not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or drinking on the golf course to the point you become a nuisance.  If you are an adult, and you want to have a cold one during or after your 18 holes, go for it. Yes, we wrote a guide for that.  One nice thing about golfing is getting to enjoy nature and your friends while cursing profusely at a little white ball and wondering why you even pay to play this game.  Usually there is also some sort of cooler involved and this might just have a few brewskies tucked underneath a mountain of ice.  A cold beer on a hot summer day can be refreshing, or immediately after you pencil in your first 11 for the day.  The GolfLic shanker’s blog would like to review our favorite golf course beers.

  • Natural Light.  This is the original low calorie, low carb, low cost beer.  You know your friend is not going to bring anything to drink.  Then he will start taking your beers on the 2nd hole.  You might as well pack some Natty in the cooler.  It is very light and watery and doesn’t taste too bad warm if forgotten in the cupholder.
  • Coors Light.  This is another light beer favorite of mine.  I am not much for heavy or hoppy beers on the golf course.  I don’t like to feel gassy and bloated while searching for my golf balls in the woods.  That is why Coors light is a favorite golfing beer of mine.  I also had the privilege of touring their brewery in Golden, Colorado and it was spectacular.
  • Miller Light.  I am sure you are starting to see a trend here.  On a hot summer day, a light beer works best for me.  Less alcohol, more water content, and just the right amount of flavor.  I really like the Miller Light retro cans as well.  It takes me back to a place 20 years ago when my father was drinking Miller Light from the original cans while teaching me how to fish my golf ball out of the pond.  Some things never change.
  • Bud Light.  This is a great summer golfing beer too. You cannot go wrong with a few of them in the cooler.  Although I drank more of these back in college than I do today, it is still a tasty beer that I would never turn down.  I have also toured this brewery too in St. Louis, Missouri.  I have a deep understanding of how it is made and best consumed.
  • Heineken.  If you are going to pack a full body beer on the golf course it needs to be a Heineken.  While I lived in Amsterdam I actually had the pleasure or touring this brewery 3 separate occasions.  I like a Heineken on a golf course, because it has a lot of flavor and the bottle is green.  Just like the greens I am trying to put my ball on.

This has been our discussions of which beers are right for your next golf outing.  If you really want to shake things up then bring one of each.  Golfing can be a great time share a cold one with friends, but we ask that you do it responsibly.

Do you have any other beers that you like to drink while golfing?  Send us your selections on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Plus.

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