The brand of golf I play is a little bit different than what you watch on Sunday with the PGA.  The purse is also smaller.  What I want to introduce to you are some simple bets that keep your focus on the game, and your hand in the money.  If you bring your bottle of GolfLic.

Our favorite game to play when we have 4 people and less than 4 hours to get around the course before dark is a 2 man scramble.  We play a best ball scramble, no mulligans, putter grip gimmies, and $10 per person wager.  This game is intense and allows you to hit more good shots that matter as a marginal golfer.  If you have ranging skill levels in your golf group, match up a 1 & 3 level player and a 2 & 4.  Then get ready to battle it out all day long.  Most of the times this type of game will come down to the final hole.

Another game we like to play when we have less than 4 people is almost a brand of golf we invented on our own.  Double bogey is the maximum score you can have.  You would be surprised how aggressive your bogey putts will be (and how many go in), when you can be aggressive with zero consequences.  We typically give 1 extra shot off the first tee, and one off the 9th.  This way if the shanks have worked their way into your driver, then you get a good opportunity to reapply some GolfLic and straighten things out.  The wager on this game is simple.  $5 per person for the best score, per side.  Then $5 per person for the best total score.  Also give an incentive for birdies of $1 and eagles are worth $5 (you will never have to pay that one).  This is a great game, because the demeaning side of golf and shooting a 9 on three holes in a row, is gone.  It allows you to pick up a ball, quit, shake it off, and come back on the next hole.  Imagine a whole round of golf where you do not have to fear being so far down that you sit in the golf cart pouting and drinking cold ones.

These are two of my favorite games I like to play with special rules I made up.  I realize this is not the real rules of golf, but I have adapted the game to make it more enjoyable for myself.  That is what counts.  That is also why we invented GolfLic.  Everyone wants to hit more good shots and less bad ones.  That is exactly what each of these games allows a Shanker to do.

What other games are good for marginal golfers?  What is your favorite golf bet?  Have you created any rules that make the game of golf more fun?

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