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Top Master’s Golf Clubs

  What types of golf clubs are the pros playing at this year’s Master’s Golf Tourney?  We found a great article that discusses that in depth.  Masters Golf Clubs. Master’s Golf Clubs in...

Best Master’s Golf Balls

We wondered what the top golf balls being used by the pros at the #Masters were, and we found it.  Take a look at this awesome blog post about #MastersGolfBalls.

Golf With a Pro

We found a really great idea for golf that borders upon what GolfLic is trying to do in helping the average golfer.  We came across David Reed’s websites and  One of the best items that he offers on his site is his...

Best Golf Beers

First off, let me say, we do not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or drinking on the golf course to the point you become a nuisance.  If you are an adult, and you want to have a cold one during or after your 18 holes, go for it. Yes, we wrote a guide...

Favorite Golf Bet

The brand of golf I play is a little bit different than what you watch on Sunday with the PGA.  The purse is also smaller.  What I want to introduce to you are some simple bets that keep your focus on the game, and your hand in the money.  If you bring your bottle of...

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